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We assist all types of businesses by leveraging the skills and the productivity of Philippine-based workers. We make it possible for owners of small and medium sized businesses to set up and manage their own low-cost operations offshore.

We make the process of hiring offshore staff seamless and easy. The Philippines workforce is highly Educated and Skilled. It is one of the most compelling advantage over any other Asian countries. English is the second language which makes the Philippines the world’s third largest English-speaking country.


Quest Staffing is the one stop virtual staff provider based
in the Philippines.

  • No obligation and free recruitment process.
  • No Start-up and hidden cost
  • Monthly invoice inclusive of everything – staff salary, time tracker, HR services, payroll management, etc.,
  • Highly skilled and dedicated staff

Our Services

Online Marketing


Telemarketing & Customer Support

Content Writing


Date Entry & Research

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Web & Mobile Development

Graphics and Web Design

Personal Assistant

Your full time virtual staff works
only for you.

  • Where do the staff work?:  From their own home office
  • How do they work?:  Your staff provides their own desk, computer, internet access and overhead.
  • Why does this help you?:  It saves you money and promotes a better work-life balance.
  • What are the benefits of their home office?:  It limits tardiness, absences, increases productivity and increases staff happiness.

We manage, monitor, look after HR and payroll and the local taxes for your virtual staff member.

Since you’re not on the site physically our local management supervises your virtual staff. We ensure the staff show up on time, login with the monitoring software, remain productive, have timely breaks and lunches and oversee the staff’s equipment requirements and productivity.

Our management team works with you to manage and communicate with yourself and your virtual staff.

Customer Support

Web Developer

Content Writer

Mobile Developer

Your outsourced virtual staffs are
fluent in English.

  • To allow for clear communication all virtual staff are fluent in writing and speaking English.
  • And English is the official business language in the Philippines too.

Book your free assessment of your business and we’ll see where you can reduce your overhead

  • Our goal is to learn more about your business and pin point the parts of your business operations where you can reduce costs and increase production.
  • This consultation and assessment is focused on reducing your staff overhead and costs.

Our part time virtual assistants work with two or three employers under our direction and guidance.


  • In our experience a full time virtual assistant is a much more productive and a far happier worker.
  • The virtual assistant still complies and adheres to our standards of workmanship, communication and productivity.
  • This would be like a part time worker who works part of the day for you in your office and then travels to another employer to achieve full time employment.

Trial Periods & Contracts

  • Prior to short listing the potential staff member they are thoroughly interviewed by ourselves.
  • Then after vetting the potential staff the three best potential hires are presented to you for interviews.
  • Once the employee is chosen – a paid trial work period is established – usually two or three weeks.
  • During this time onboarding and initial training takes place under your guidance and our management to integrate your new staff member.
  • Upon your satisfaction with the new staff member’s performance the move is made to a full-time agreement.
  • If after the trial period you are not totally satisfied you are not obligated to continue their employment.

Imagine:  No HR, No equipment costs, No retirement plans, No additional overhead costs.

  • Since your virtual staff are fully equipped and are paid directly by our firm, your only “employee” is our agency.
  • So, there is no need for your controller to calculate all the government programs on payroll.
  • Nor do you need to invest in office space, desks, computers, internet access. You only provide specific specialized software should it be required.
  • Otherwise we provide everything.

Plus: No employee insurance, No Federal or Provincial Income Tax obligations, No set up fees.

  • All virtual staff are legally employed by Quest Staffing and Quest Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.
  • You are simply hiring us as an agency to take care of everything for you.
  • So, you have no employee obligations, that’s our responsibility, you are simply paying their salary directly to us.
  • Think of us as your one stop for your virtual staffing needs.

Your Virtual Staff member is an employee working for you with our management team in the Philippines. The benefits for you are:

  • You work with the same staff member(s) daily.
  • All full-time staff work only for you, with your directions.
  • Your agreement is for a set period – usually from six to twelve months.
  • Outsourcing your work to us is the same as hiring an employee for your own office – except they are working remotely, under our supervision and your leadership.

You are in control of your staff.

  • You assign your virtual employee their work and responsibilities.
  • You train and provide guidance for your staff just like at your office.
  • Your staff is managed by Quest Staffing and lead by you.

Your English-speaking staff members are equipped with:

  • An office desk
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A printer and scanner
  • Screenshot monitoring software
  • Webcam, headset
  • Stable internet connection
  • MS Office software

The outsourcing
destination of choice

The Philippines was named three times as the Offshoring Destination
of the Year by the UK body of National Outsourcing Association

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