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  • Industries Served by Our Virtual Staff Include (Plus Many Others):


    Real Estate VA


    Mortgage Broker VA


    Insurance Agent VA


    Social Media Content Management


    Blog and Content Writing


    Customer Service/Support


    Graphic & Web Design


    Junior Architect/Draftsman


    Marketing Agencies

  • How It Works

    With Quest Staffing you can grow your organisation quickly, easily and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff.

  • You provide us with a job description.

    Our recruitment team will handle the sourcing based on the job requirements.

  • Shortlisting of Candidates.

    Candidates are subjected to  thorough screening to ensure that you only get the best of the best.

  • Interview & Hiring

    We facilitate the interview process and you select your preferred candidate.

  • Managing Offshore Resources

    We handle HR, payroll management, and time monitoring to make your Philippine based staff a success.

  • Are You Ready to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

    Get Your Competitive Advantage and Reduce Overhead Expenses with Quest Staffing, your Virtual Staffing Solution.

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    Why Get A Virtual Staff?

    • Cost effective – However the cost effectiveness is not the major factor to hire virtual assistants though it is certainly the main factor. Virtual assistance service will change the fixed costs into variable costs and helping to realize the investment of capital in other places of business thereby avoiding the expenditure in the initial stage of the business.
    • Increased efficiency level – Companies which everything by themselves bear a lot of expenditure so by hiring a virtual assistant will provide the solution of cost structure and economy of scale which can give your firm a competitive advantage.
    • Get a qualified help – Hiring a trained staff can be expensive and above all the temporary staff may not always come up to meet your satisfaction but a virtual assistance can give you the human resources when you need them the most.
    • Help to complete your projects quickly – A virtual assistant can help to provide you the right resource in order to start a new project. But if you do a project in-house then you need the time to train the people so that they can give you the needed support in your business.
    • Gives attention to the core business – Each and every business have got limited resources and the managers are also tied with limited timeframe but if you hire a virtual assistant then it will give specific attention to the works which will serve the customers thus letting the managers free to set priorities with more clarity.
    • Level of playing field – Small firms really finds it difficult to manage the in-house office support services which a large company can maintain. But virtual assistance services can help the small firms to have the same kind of access on economies of scale, efficiencies and expertise which a big firm or company enjoys.
    • Cuts down the risk – Risk factor is common in each and every business investment. Markets financial conditions, competition and technology all changes with time very quickly but a professional virtual assistance can give you assistance in order to tackle this situation of crisis and at the same time they will suggest you how to avoid the risk in the respective field.

    Why Choose Us

    Hire affordable and competitive resources for your business in no time.

    We assist all types of businesses by leveraging the skills and the productivity of Philippine-based workers. We make it possible for owners of small and medium sized businesses to set up and manage their own low-cost operations offshore.

    We make the process of hiring offshore staff seamless and easy. The Philippines workforce is highly Educated and Skilled. It is one of the most compelling advantage over any other Asian countries. English is the second language which makes the Philippines the world’s third largest English-speaking country.

    Quest Staffing is the one stop virtual staff provider based in the Philippines. 

    • No obligation and free recruitment process. 
    • No Start-up and hidden cost.
    • Monthly invoice inclusive of everything – staff salary, time tracker, HR services, payroll management, etc.
    • Highly skilled and dedicated staff.