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  • Virtual Administrative Support

    You can hire a full time Virtual Administrative Support for attending phone calls, message taking, customer support, appointment scheduling, clerical works and basic computer works. And by outsourcing your job to a virtual assistant you can not only save your time but at the same time you can spend this time to focus on the core of your business. All you have to do is just call a number and get […]

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    Telephone Answering Services

    Does your small business need a live operator or live receptionist who can answer calls for you & take orders or answer a subset of questions about purchasing your products 24 hours a day? No longer have time for the inbound calls? Contact us today and we’ll tell you how we can help.Trouble ShootingCustomer Care and SupportCustomer Inquires (Phone, Email and Online)Sales Order Enter (Phone, […]

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    Appointment Services

    Appointment setters are responsible for contacting leads over the telephone to generate appointments. Their role is crucial to bring in more business to you. Below are some of the services covered by our Appointment Setters:Schedule Appointments (via phone, text or email)Re-Schedule Appointments (via phone, text or email)Cancel Appointments (via phone, text or email)Confirm Appointments (via […]

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    Customer Support

    Our average Customer Service VA’s have more than 3 years’ experience handling inbound campaigns in the call center industry and have strong skill set in the following areas: Clear Communication Skills Great Listening Skills Calming Presence on the Phone Good Product Knowledge Good w/Empathy & Patience Persuasion Skills Ability to Resolve Conflict & Manage It Can Work the Extra […]

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    Start-Up Business Services

    Virtual assistants aren’t just for executives anymore. For many startups and small business owners, VA’s offer an obvious benefit. They are a big time saver during a phase in a company’s growth where it may not be viable to have a full-time employee. For example, numerous successful startup founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council discuss why they hired VA’s and how […]

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    Social Media Management

    The Social Media Manager handle’s your company’s social media marketing and advertising for better web presence. The Social Media Manager is essential in managing the company’s web materials and content-related assests. It’s goal is to bring your company’s website to the top spot of Google search results. Google’s #1 search ranking factor is relevant content (content that serves […]

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