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  • Why Work With Us?


    • Quest Virtual Assistant never ties you down.  We offer you a no-obligations contract.  We offer you monthly renewals of contract.  We do monthly subscription, and our clients are free to cancel with 30 days written notice or immediately for poor performance.
    • We also do customized agreements with a project-base type of VA work that allows you to end the project once the work has been completed with no ongoing contract.
    • At Quest Virtual Assistant, we are confident VA’s will excel in their client assignments over on a short period of time and this quality work at affordable prices keeps our customers and clients coming out. 


    • We have Office Managers monitor your VA for productivity and to make sure your VA is always on track and on time.
    • We provide ongoing management support with our service, we monitor the time worked, and follow up with you to verify your VA is on task and delivering the expected results.
    • You will receive weekly reports on the work tasks, which can be verified with screen capturing as the VA works. 


    • You are 100% by our Exclusive Replacement Guarantee at no charge in case your hired VA is not a perfect fit for your business.
    • All it takes is one call to our hotline at 555-123-1212 or one email to support@queststaffing.ca and we will be happy to provide a new VA at no extra charge. That’s how we guarantee results for you.  


    • Our Manager conducts daily monitoring to ensure your assistant on time and working during the client’s preferred time frame.
    • Our screen-capture software monitors your assistant’s work activity and to measure their productivity and progress. We consistently check to make sure all computer programs are up, running and the work being done is related  to client’s project.


    Focus On What You Do Best! 

    Our Virtual Staff Will Take Care Of The Rest. 

    You don’t have to do it all by yourself.