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  • If you still have questions about our Virtual Assistant and Staff services. We have answers for you.

  • Your Virtual Assistant/Staff


    What is a Virtual Assistant?

    – Your personal VA is an individual who meets all your preferred skills and expertise and will be for working just for you. They will begin working on the preferred date and time following your work requirements and responsibilities. The VA will have a computer and all the required programs (excluding any proprietary apps or programs you require).

    Where will the VA be located?

    – Everyone is located in the Philippines and they have passed rigorous testing and interviews conducted by our HR Team. Each VA had a minimum of at least 2 years experiences working in the BPO Industry servicing North American clients and other International accounts. In this way the VA’s are familiar with the North American business climate which essential to their success in working with you and your business.

    Is your VA fluent in English?

    – Our VA’s are fluent in English and not just in verbal but in written English as well. You are assured that aside from their great communication skills, they have great comprehension skills as well. No need to waste your time repeating instructions repeatedly. With us, that will never happen.

    Will the VA work on weekends or holidays?

    – Your VA will be working as long as you require them to.  Need them to work on weekends for a special task? Not a problem!  Make arrangements between yourself, the VA and the Manager.  They will track the hours and you will be billed normal rates x 1.25 for the extra work.

    What time zone will the VA follow?

    – Your VA will follow North American time zone.  Though they are physically located in the Philippines, the VA’s are used to working at night time.  Your VA will follow your working schedule and can adjust with your needs and circumstances if needed.


    Hiring Process


    How long will the hiring process take?

    -Our hiring process usually takes 5-7 business days to short list the top 3 candidates, but we can expedite it for anyone who has the task requirements ready. By having a clear job description and objectives, we often find the candidates in a shorter time frame. 

    I have an urgent task, can I hire a VA within a day?

    – 100% yes! As long as you have the job description and a work instruction ready, a VA would be ready to start right away.  Once the invoice is paid, our HR Team will start preparing the tools and documents we will share with you.  Next is an on-boarding call with our Manager to officially start the work project.

    Can I review the VA’s resume?

    – Once you are done with the phone consultation with our manager and the job description and work instructions are ready.  Our HR Team will now start recruiting the VA who perfectly matches your job’s requirements.  The resume of these screened VA’s will then be forward to your email for review prior to your scheduled Call with the VA’s and Manager.  You review their experience and work accomplishments before conducting a phone interview with them.  Then we proceed to a face-to-face interview via Zoom.

    I like the VA, what’s next?

    – Your personal virtual assistant will be working with you as long as you require them to.  The next stop is onboarding of your project/work assignment and your personal VA.

    What schedule the virtual assistant follow?

    – Once you have chosen who your VA will be, we then send an invoice for your job package and you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card.  A payment confirmation will be sent back via email them we will email you the Communication package which includes Skype calling plan, email account and time tracking software.  We will then call you for orientation before the initial handoff to ensure a smooth working relationship.