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Instant Labour is a locally owned company. We have many years experience in the supply of personnel in the industrial and construction sectors.

Instant Labour brings companies and job seekers together according to their needs. We are of interest to companies wishing to hire temporary or permanent employees in the industrial and construction sectors.

Instant Labour is a equal opportunity employment agency dedicated to assisting business in the Saskatoon and area in temporary and permanent hiring. We take the time needed to ensure that we fully understand our clients’ business, which ensures our success in placing top quality candidates at all levels.

We can supply as many workers as you require to your site with the skills required to do the job. Our Associates will be responsible to get to your site on time. Our Associates carry time slips which must be filled out and signed by your site supervisor to confirm correct hours have been worked. Your supervisor is responsible to keep one copy of the time slips for billing purposes. Your company is not responsible for any contractual commitment with any of our workers.

Instant Labour is responsible for all paperwork involving provincial, federal and payroll taxes, workers compensation and of course we file all government reports. Instant Labour bills the client on a weekly basis.

Call in advance to book your workers or simply give us an hour!! We also allow hiring of our staff on a permanent basis not short term. It is recommended that you keep the person working through Instant Labour until you are certain this person is right for the job. ie: on time, able to perform duties as required.

You have no administration cost or fees.

Contact Us!

Instant Labour Temporary Employment Services
110-115 2nd Ave N

Saskatoon, SK  S7K 2B1

Phone: 306.956.3393
Fax: 306.956.3392
Attention: Ken Stevens

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